Board Members

Top Tips to Run a Kick-Ass Board Meeting

The bane of every Founder & CEO’s existence: the dreaded board meeting. There are numerous articles, blogs, and opinions on how to run an efficient and effective board meeting, but...

Advice for Entrepreneurs

CFOs and Financial Leadership: What Many Founders Miss

What does a bonafide CFO bring to the table? Are they really worth the price tag? When should I hire one? (more…)
Advice for Entrepreneurs

Three Ways to Play Offense Against the ‘Great Resignation’

The media is hyping ‘the Great Resignation’, but if you are an early-stage tech company, you are likely experiencing this more as ‘the Great Poaching’. The labor market is extremely…
Marketing, Media & Entertainment Tech

boostr – finally a purpose-built, end-to-end revenue mgmt. suite for media

There are many business processes that are well served by broad, general software solutions which leverage scale and an ecosystem of related applications to serve an industry’s needs. Media revenue…